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April 30

Breakfast: 4 Brown Eggs. Tomatoes. Polish Sausage.

Dinner: Tuna Melt on Sourdough. Spinach salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, carrots, avocado, cheese, and jalapenos with olive oil dressing. Damn good.

I had two beers last night. Blue Moon. Ice cold. Delivered to me by the girlfriend. She’s lovely.

Weight: 220.

Thinking back on my journey over the last year I cant help but dwell on the beginning. A pull up was impossible and the idea of going an entire day without soda was laughable. I read books like Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life
and thought that is not for me it’s too hard. I love soda, and candy, and cheesecake too much. Oh! How I love cheesecake. Notice how I didn’t say loved. The great thing about how I eat now is how much healthier I feel on a day to day basis. There is no guilt when with friends/family and pie or cake is offered. I am going to eat the pie. Keep the diet simple. Meat. Veggies. Sugars low. It seems so simple, but incredibly difficult without motivation.

My motivation was more painful then it should have been. Watching a yourself balloon up in slow motion in front of a mirror, being called fatty mc fatfat, or any other cruel name wears down your soul, but they didn’t kill it. I still have my soul. I am taking my soul back one squat at a time.


Meal Time

Food April 19.

Breakfast : 2 Whole Eggs fried in olive oil overeasy topped with pepper jack cheese and a salad plate full of organic kale, red peppers, and turnips, freshly squeezed lemon juice as dressing, and topped with queso fresco (a soft fresh white cheese).

Dinner : Fried Salmon with Brocolli and Zuccini and Squash Mix.

Snack : Couple handfulls of pistachios/almonds

I spent the last two days prior to this gorging on popcorn, muffins, and german beer (it tasted like bananna’s….amazing!) The next couple days are going to be alot more stict on my carbs for sure.

Food April 20

Breakfast : 5 hard boiled eggs. Salt and pepper. Block of sharp cheddar cheese (2 ounces)

Dinner : Organic Salad: 10 ounces kale/spinach; 1 organic avocado; Organic Lemon; 9 ounces canned salmon.

Snack: Couple handfulls of pistachios/almonds


Hit the gym this morning and felt great afterwards. Last week I couldnt workout at the gym or sleep well due to work and “coincidentally” felt like poo (tired and depressed) for the week. It is amazing how quickly the body will telegraph to you what it needs what it wants. Listen to it.

Fermented Vegetables


Humans have been fermenting vegetables for a long time, and while I love fermented wheat (BEER!) the after effects are really something I could do without. After checking out coolinginflammation.com and hawaiianlibertarian.blogspot.com for some time I have become intrigued by the subject of inflammation.

In the standard American diet inflammation is caused mostly by junk foods, transfats, vegetable oils (omega 6 loaded), and processed carbs. This junk food literally changes the chemical makeup of the body by promoting the bacteria that produce endotoxins. The endotoxins punch holes in your stomach lining and invade the bloodstream via the GI (gastro-intestinal) tract. The immune system doesent like toxins floating around raising shit storm sandwitches all over, so it responds by violently attacking the invaders. The immune system response known as inflammation is not unhealthy in itself, and infact required to sustain a healthy life. Unfortunetly by constantly providing these harmful bacteria ample fuel to thrive the body does not have time to recover and heal. The body is revved up in a permanent ‘war-setting’ setting the stage for all kinds to ills such as allergies, obesity, and various cancers.  

I love sauerkraut and pickles and plan on adding these and other fermented veggies along with my daily staples of organic kale and spinach; supercharging my health one day at a time.

Gym Time

It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about the influx of hordes of new years resolution folks at my gym, but  they are gone for the most part. It was chest day. Bench presses are always fun.

A part of my new program is attempting to ‘max out’ the amount of weight I lift. Happy to say I hit two single sets of 215lbs on the bench press though that means I most likely could have hit 225 once…. I weigh 228 so benching 225 is a benchmark of mine. After bench press came dips. Now if you are doing dips correctly your chest will be shaking like a beaten down Chevy. You will feel the burn in both your triceps and chest. Push past the pain. Keep going until failure. After each set your chest will puff out like a god damn gorilla in its prime. The feeling is nothing short of amazing. You feel like a king. Like you could tear the world apart with your bare hands. Such power will rep by rep instill a new awareness in you. Now get out there and crush it.



Dinner powering those bench presses. 6 ounces of prime rib, a bag of organic kale salad and about 3 ounces of pepper jack cheese. I snacked on some pistachios as well. I dont normally measure food by ounces I just bought it from the vons deli.


Junk Food


I was at my local Mexican restaurant yesterday when I noticed two parents dragging along 2 children and an infant. The children were running around yelling as children do. Sweet, really. I didn’t take notice until the father straw feed his infant son coca-cola over and over again. Maybe the dad just doesn’t know babies need milk, or doesn’t care?….I asked myself what the fuck was going through his head? I now noticed the family in a different light. The children no older than 7 both had bellies, and the parents were obese moaning when they walked to the counter. These poor children really have no hope of health until adulthood and make that choice themselves, and by that age most are unable to learn. The mind is funny like that; gorge on junk food for 20 years and the mind will reject nutritious food when offered. How many other people in this country are living this way?

I still remember as a child going hungry AND getting spanked for not wanting to eat greens, but now I’m thankful my dad did that. Even with a parent that cared I still got fat as fuck in my adolescence, so those kids are fucked. They will grow and grow just like the rest of their peers until either their self respect implodes on itself or their heart explodes. Either way it depresses me. Its not complicated just takes desire and determination for your own health and beauty.

Whenever someone asks me about some variation of losing weight the answer is always the same: Cut ALL sugars. Seriously, cut anything that is easily converted into glucose and you will be shocked how quick the body will shed the excess fat.

On a happier note I have been on the training regimen Body of a Spartan. that is working out very well. Btw that is not an affiliate link. Its a great program especially for beginners who are nervous about using free weights for the first time.




I work two jobs. When you have two jobs and another part time job (your gym workouts) you need to have your diet down. You just will not have the time to prepare a good filling meal when you are working 16+ hour days. Enter these bad boys up there. Sardines are great small compact and LOADED with vitamins and healthy fats…..learn to love them, and when people bitch and moan about them being stinky just remember they are usually the same people that look like a tub of lard driving around Disneyland in the electric scooters. Eat your sardines.