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Losing weight is easy. Maintaining the weight loss is much much harder.

One of the staples of my recent journey to ‘beach body nirvanna’ has been avocados. These little vegetables are truely amazing. Loaded with monounsaturated fat in the form of oleic acid (the same in olive oil) these delicious fleshy green balls of healthy fat raise good cholesterol; lower bad cholesterol; support brain and adreanal health; and helps reduce blood pressure.

Most importantly they taste great. Mix it up with sour cream (though I prefer it with cottage cheese) or top in onto whatever meal you happen to be eating. Some cultures even mix it with milk as a form of milkshake. Its really hard to imagine a situation where eating an avocado can go wrong.

Your diet will determine the vast majority of your health. It will determine the vast amount of your ability to burn fat. You cant outrun a shitty diet. Give your body the tools it needs to take care of itself. Avocados are one of those tools.Im not the only person trumpeting avocados health and taste properties Absolutely Avocados
will take what you think can be done with avocados and turn it on its head. You will get so many new tasty ideas with this book like I did.

Four hard boiled eggs. Red leaf lettuce topped with jalapenos onions broccoli avocado red kidney beans and olive oil.
Tuna Melt Sandwitch on Sourdough bread with fries (its leg day I need the carbs) and since some ass decided to pull the fire alarm at work I missed out on the opportunity to get the grilled chicken and rice with veggies that I normally get from the cafe that I had planned


Meal Time

Food April 19.

Breakfast : 2 Whole Eggs fried in olive oil overeasy topped with pepper jack cheese and a salad plate full of organic kale, red peppers, and turnips, freshly squeezed lemon juice as dressing, and topped with queso fresco (a soft fresh white cheese).

Dinner : Fried Salmon with Brocolli and Zuccini and Squash Mix.

Snack : Couple handfulls of pistachios/almonds

I spent the last two days prior to this gorging on popcorn, muffins, and german beer (it tasted like bananna’s….amazing!) The next couple days are going to be alot more stict on my carbs for sure.

Food April 20

Breakfast : 5 hard boiled eggs. Salt and pepper. Block of sharp cheddar cheese (2 ounces)

Dinner : Organic Salad: 10 ounces kale/spinach; 1 organic avocado; Organic Lemon; 9 ounces canned salmon.

Snack: Couple handfulls of pistachios/almonds


Hit the gym this morning and felt great afterwards. Last week I couldnt workout at the gym or sleep well due to work and “coincidentally” felt like poo (tired and depressed) for the week. It is amazing how quickly the body will telegraph to you what it needs what it wants. Listen to it.