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The Idea Lifestyle Bundle E-Book Review

The Magical invocation that successful people use to achieve their goals is “I can” – Andrii Sedniev.

Andrii Sedniev’s Book The Idea Lifestyle Bundle: An effective system to fulfill dreams, create successful business ideas, and become a world class impromptu speaker in record time is a 3 for 1 bundle that if you follow the tenets in his book will open up an entire new avenue for accomplishing your dreams.

The book begins by explaining that true happiness comes from living with a sense of purpose, and that sense of purpose is born from the continuous completion of worthwhile goals and daily tasks.

You will learn via visualization how to develop for yourself a grand vision, and how to compartmentalize that into monthly goals, and daily manageable tasks. The first book alone would be worth the purchase price, but you also get “The Business Idea Factory” where you will learn that creativity is a skill to be exercised to mastery, and “The Magic of Impromptu Speaking” teaching you the art of creative communication. The three books complement each other seamlessly to create a well rounded blueprint for success moreso than other self improvement books which I found refreshing.

I actually read the entire set over the last 3 days, and provided me with insight and motivation to work harder on my own life. I spent an entire day writing and planning both short term and long term goals for myself.

If you are looking for a great book that will inspire you to get moving on your goals and aspirations that is also filled with actionable advice check this book out here


Perfect Crime by Jack Erickson

Imagine the love of your life deep in the throws of passion with another. The shock, anger, hurt would be agaonizing wouldn’t it? Perfect Crime takes you down the path of murder and revenge with eloquence I found refreshing for a free download on amazon.

Perfect Crime by Jack Erickson is a top download for a reason. The short story is for lack of a better word great. Suspenseful and thrilling stories with character development in a quick read of about 15-30 minutes is a hard thing to do but Erickson does it flawlessly.

You can get this great thriller for free here.

Perfect Crime at Amazon

Achieve Anything In Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals Book Review

Are you just “showing up” in your life or are you taking an active role in guiding it to reach your full potential and achieve your dreams? – Jason Harvey.

Jason Harvey’s book “Achieve anything in just one year” takes all of his 15 years of experience as a certified life coach and spaces out actionable self-development missions’ everyday for 1 year. Starting on day one with mapping out your dreams with daily encouragement to stop standing still emphasized repeatedly. Several lessons will remind you that change comes from the small daily seemingly trivial choices you make, not the large life altering events people associate with change.

This book will set you down the daily process of change allowing you to slowly mould yourself into the person you WANT to be instead of the person you WISH you could be. That lesson alone is worth the price of this book, and then some. Full disclosure: I have not completed all the days in this book and my journey is ongoing, but I am now looking forward to waking each morning; completing my book and watching my body transform before my eyes is a joy that I cherish until the day I die. I have this book to thank for that.

Be brutally honest with yourself when you layout your plan. Be willing to do the work with all your heart. Daily action still is and always will be paramount because life altering change is the accumulation of small daily actions.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone that dreams of a better life. You can get this great book here