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April 27

I woke up rested. My few seconds of tranquity shattered after the realization hits. Its 1:30pm. I have 30 minutes to shower and drive to work. Fuck. Doing 80 on the I-5 is always fun.

Lunch: 5-6 ounces Kale Salad (Organic). Cottage cheese mixed with 1/2 Avocado (Organic). Handfulls of mozzarella cheese, and 5.25 ounces prime rib. I should have taken a picture. It was amazing.

Dinner: Going to dennys after work. 6 eggs over-medium and an order of potatoes.

Exercise Routine
Pull-Ups. Until I couldnt finish one. Then…
Pull-Up Assist Machine.

The back was one of my weaker points. I was too focused on isolation movements instead of just getting stronger first. (Most people do this with arms and/or chest) When my focus should have been just getting my back strong. Pull ups are the best thing in the world for both strength and muscle growth. I can worry about refinement later, but for now strength is the goal.
I will admit it is fun watching your girlfriends eyes light up when she sees you flex in the mirror after a hard workout.

Spent a couple hours knee deep in God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert
A great series anyone that hasn’t started that series should.


Perfect Crime by Jack Erickson

Imagine the love of your life deep in the throws of passion with another. The shock, anger, hurt would be agaonizing wouldn’t it? Perfect Crime takes you down the path of murder and revenge with eloquence I found refreshing for a free download on amazon.

Perfect Crime by Jack Erickson is a top download for a reason. The short story is for lack of a better word great. Suspenseful and thrilling stories with character development in a quick read of about 15-30 minutes is a hard thing to do but Erickson does it flawlessly.

You can get this great thriller for free here.

Perfect Crime at Amazon

April 21

6 ounces hard boiled whole eggs. Handful of spinach. 2 ounces olive oil. Jalapenos. Salt/Pepper.

Organic Kale. 5 ounces prime rib (With Fat). Organic Avocado. Whole Fat Cottage Cheese.

Pistacios and Almonds. 2 venti starbuck’s coffee with Whole Milk. Herbal Orange Green Tea (caffeine free).

I hit the gym first thing this morning before breakfast or coffee. I always go heavy on leg day and today was no exception. I increased my weight for reps by 10 pounds, and kept my max the same. The program is still Body of a Spartan seeing good results (read: Catching girls checking out the goods. Heh.)

I read a chapter of $100 Start-Up which could be summed up by saying find something marketable that you are passionate about. Do the work. Profit. Seems simple enough.

Achieve Anything In Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals Book Review

Are you just “showing up” in your life or are you taking an active role in guiding it to reach your full potential and achieve your dreams? – Jason Harvey.

Jason Harvey’s book “Achieve anything in just one year” takes all of his 15 years of experience as a certified life coach and spaces out actionable self-development missions’ everyday for 1 year. Starting on day one with mapping out your dreams with daily encouragement to stop standing still emphasized repeatedly. Several lessons will remind you that change comes from the small daily seemingly trivial choices you make, not the large life altering events people associate with change.

This book will set you down the daily process of change allowing you to slowly mould yourself into the person you WANT to be instead of the person you WISH you could be. That lesson alone is worth the price of this book, and then some. Full disclosure: I have not completed all the days in this book and my journey is ongoing, but I am now looking forward to waking each morning; completing my book and watching my body transform before my eyes is a joy that I cherish until the day I die. I have this book to thank for that.

Be brutally honest with yourself when you layout your plan. Be willing to do the work with all your heart. Daily action still is and always will be paramount because life altering change is the accumulation of small daily actions.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone that dreams of a better life. You can get this great book here



Meal Time

Food April 19.

Breakfast : 2 Whole Eggs fried in olive oil overeasy topped with pepper jack cheese and a salad plate full of organic kale, red peppers, and turnips, freshly squeezed lemon juice as dressing, and topped with queso fresco (a soft fresh white cheese).

Dinner : Fried Salmon with Brocolli and Zuccini and Squash Mix.

Snack : Couple handfulls of pistachios/almonds

I spent the last two days prior to this gorging on popcorn, muffins, and german beer (it tasted like bananna’s….amazing!) The next couple days are going to be alot more stict on my carbs for sure.

Food April 20

Breakfast : 5 hard boiled eggs. Salt and pepper. Block of sharp cheddar cheese (2 ounces)

Dinner : Organic Salad: 10 ounces kale/spinach; 1 organic avocado; Organic Lemon; 9 ounces canned salmon.

Snack: Couple handfulls of pistachios/almonds


Hit the gym this morning and felt great afterwards. Last week I couldnt workout at the gym or sleep well due to work and “coincidentally” felt like poo (tired and depressed) for the week. It is amazing how quickly the body will telegraph to you what it needs what it wants. Listen to it.

Blogging 201 Part 2

I want this blog to be a launching pad where I can bounce around ideas with others. Right now I am focused on lifting, eating healthy wholesome food, and reading/writing. 

I changed the theme of the blog. I also have other ideas like the color scheme and changing the header line. 

I saw the simple layout on storyshuckers blog and I want to do the same thing here. Not focus on too much.