The Anonymous Girl by Holy Ghost Writer

Destiny; they both concluded as they cocked their heads thoughtfully, looking up and sipping their lattes from different ends of life. – Holy Ghost Writer, The Anonymous Girl.

Holy Ghost Writes takes you by the hand to the glittering heights of wealth, prestige, and luxury usually reserved for European royalty to the depressingly confined walls of the FDC all the way to the salty crisp air of open sea in his/her latest fantastic tale of hacker-espionage and intrigue. Scenes are described vividly and with style.

Outwitting all challengers to her vision the reader finds the intelligent, resourceful, and shrewd Zaydee aka Her Royal Highness Princess Jane Doe to be a well developed protagonist that never fails to surprise from beginning to end. Settings and characters come alive as Holy Ghost Writer weaves another stellar thriller with non-stop action combined emotional growth.

I have become a fan of Holy Ghost Writer and look forward to reading more of his/her work in the future! If you want a well plotted edge of your seat read I recommend this book.


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