How did you do it?

I am beginning to think that when someone asks me “How’d you do it?” they are just looking for an excuse to not get off their ass and do the work, because it really is that simple. Another coworker asked I gave the stock answer: I did it by intermittant fasting while eating low carb and hitting the gym as hard as I could. There are lots of ways though what is your goal? Cause the specifics change based on it.

I watched his eyes glaze over, and once I said gym he practically ran from me in terror. He put had put no thought what he wanted. No thought into the sweat equity required. Just winging it wont get the job done. Thinking there is a magic pill/routine/anything that will burn the fat for you is foolish. I just do not understand thinking you can radically change habits without SOME kind vision in mind, and a plan to get there based on the vision.

No wonder everyone seems to jump from one diet to the next. You need a vision to cling to when the sugar cravings hit hard. You need a vision when your legs buckle on that last squat rack.

Last year I told myself I wanted to be under 10 percent bodyfat and looked for a diet and exercise regimen that would take me there. Have the ending in mind first. Everything else will be much easier.

In other words do the work. It. is. that. damn. simple.


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