April 27

I woke up rested. My few seconds of tranquity shattered after the realization hits. Its 1:30pm. I have 30 minutes to shower and drive to work. Fuck. Doing 80 on the I-5 is always fun.

Lunch: 5-6 ounces Kale Salad (Organic). Cottage cheese mixed with 1/2 Avocado (Organic). Handfulls of mozzarella cheese, and 5.25 ounces prime rib. I should have taken a picture. It was amazing.

Dinner: Going to dennys after work. 6 eggs over-medium and an order of potatoes.

Exercise Routine
Pull-Ups. Until I couldnt finish one. Then…
Pull-Up Assist Machine.

The back was one of my weaker points. I was too focused on isolation movements instead of just getting stronger first. (Most people do this with arms and/or chest) When my focus should have been just getting my back strong. Pull ups are the best thing in the world for both strength and muscle growth. I can worry about refinement later, but for now strength is the goal.
I will admit it is fun watching your girlfriends eyes light up when she sees you flex in the mirror after a hard workout.

Spent a couple hours knee deep in God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert
A great series anyone that hasn’t started that series should.


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