April 21

6 ounces hard boiled whole eggs. Handful of spinach. 2 ounces olive oil. Jalapenos. Salt/Pepper.

Organic Kale. 5 ounces prime rib (With Fat). Organic Avocado. Whole Fat Cottage Cheese.

Pistacios and Almonds. 2 venti starbuck’s coffee with Whole Milk. Herbal Orange Green Tea (caffeine free).

I hit the gym first thing this morning before breakfast or coffee. I always go heavy on leg day and today was no exception. I increased my weight for reps by 10 pounds, and kept my max the same. The program is still Body of a Spartan seeing good results (read: Catching girls checking out the goods. Heh.)

I read a chapter of $100 Start-Up which could be summed up by saying find something marketable that you are passionate about. Do the work. Profit. Seems simple enough.


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