Sitting at a Starbucks outside the courthouse brings many lawyer and professional type girls read: young attractive lawyer in sexy suit tops and tight pencil skirts (yum!) watching an otherwise fit man literally fawn over his lawyer chick girlfriend is sickening, and the look of disdain on her face says more than words ever could. 

But I digress.


My car battery ended up dying last night, so gym time was postponed yesterday. I did body squats, push ups, and sit ups until failure instead. Not going to let a little thing like a broke down car keep me from my goals. Swoletown. Population me.


Hint fiction for a story I’m writing:

He peered out the cracked tinted car window. Its 10 pm. A car pulls into the driveway. “Hmm.” shes always home at 10.


Will get a chapter or two done minimum tonight. Update tomorrow!


Its been a good day so far. Wish my car hadn’t died but it happens. Just keep pushing forward. I saw a dinner table for sale at a yard sale today, but did not have time to check it out. Tomorrow ill go back to the house and if the price is right buy it and resell on craigslist for a quick 30 to 50 dollar profit. I also have a couple droid tablets for sale I was able to get at a decent price. Gotta make that money!



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