Fermented Vegetables


Humans have been fermenting vegetables for a long time, and while I love fermented wheat (BEER!) the after effects are really something I could do without. After checking out coolinginflammation.com and hawaiianlibertarian.blogspot.com for some time I have become intrigued by the subject of inflammation.

In the standard American diet inflammation is caused mostly by junk foods, transfats, vegetable oils (omega 6 loaded), and processed carbs. This junk food literally changes the chemical makeup of the body by promoting the bacteria that produce endotoxins. The endotoxins punch holes in your stomach lining and invade the bloodstream via the GI (gastro-intestinal) tract. The immune system doesent like toxins floating around raising shit storm sandwitches all over, so it responds by violently attacking the invaders. The immune system response known as inflammation is not unhealthy in itself, and infact required to sustain a healthy life. Unfortunetly by constantly providing these harmful bacteria ample fuel to thrive the body does not have time to recover and heal. The body is revved up in a permanent ‘war-setting’ setting the stage for all kinds to ills such as allergies, obesity, and various cancers.  

I love sauerkraut and pickles and plan on adding these and other fermented veggies along with my daily staples of organic kale and spinach; supercharging my health one day at a time.


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