Gym Time

It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about the influx of hordes of new years resolution folks at my gym, but  they are gone for the most part. It was chest day. Bench presses are always fun.

A part of my new program is attempting to ‘max out’ the amount of weight I lift. Happy to say I hit two single sets of 215lbs on the bench press though that means I most likely could have hit 225 once…. I weigh 228 so benching 225 is a benchmark of mine. After bench press came dips. Now if you are doing dips correctly your chest will be shaking like a beaten down Chevy. You will feel the burn in both your triceps and chest. Push past the pain. Keep going until failure. After each set your chest will puff out like a god damn gorilla in its prime. The feeling is nothing short of amazing. You feel like a king. Like you could tear the world apart with your bare hands. Such power will rep by rep instill a new awareness in you. Now get out there and crush it.



Dinner powering those bench presses. 6 ounces of prime rib, a bag of organic kale salad and about 3 ounces of pepper jack cheese. I snacked on some pistachios as well. I dont normally measure food by ounces I just bought it from the vons deli.



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