Junk Food


I was at my local Mexican restaurant yesterday when I noticed two parents dragging along 2 children and an infant. The children were running around yelling as children do. Sweet, really. I didn’t take notice until the father straw feed his infant son coca-cola over and over again. Maybe the dad just doesn’t know babies need milk, or doesn’t care?….I asked myself what the fuck was going through his head? I now noticed the family in a different light. The children no older than 7 both had bellies, and the parents were obese moaning when they walked to the counter. These poor children really have no hope of health until adulthood and make that choice themselves, and by that age most are unable to learn. The mind is funny like that; gorge on junk food for 20 years and the mind will reject nutritious food when offered. How many other people in this country are living this way?

I still remember as a child going hungry AND getting spanked for not wanting to eat greens, but now I’m thankful my dad did that. Even with a parent that cared I still got fat as fuck in my adolescence, so those kids are fucked. They will grow and grow just like the rest of their peers until either their self respect implodes on itself or their heart explodes. Either way it depresses me. Its not complicated just takes desire and determination for your own health and beauty.

Whenever someone asks me about some variation of losing weight the answer is always the same: Cut ALL sugars. Seriously, cut anything that is easily converted into glucose and you will be shocked how quick the body will shed the excess fat.

On a happier note I have been on the training regimen Body of a Spartan. that is working out very well. Btw that is not an affiliate link. Its a great program especially for beginners who are nervous about using free weights for the first time.



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