Weekly Challenge

I have several goals for the week of February 16-22 below

  • Gym: 5x/Week. 45-60 min of multi joint movement (squat, bench, overhead press, and pull ups). Last week I did not go to the gym at all so I am really going to push hard this week.
  • Write 3 blog posts: This will be post #2 this week! The next post will most likely be about poker, finance, or a short story
  • Read: I am reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’, and  ‘On Writing’ as well to improve my mindset and skill respectively. The main thing about reading though is ALSO taking the time to write down any thoughts/summarize the material into your own words in your journal. 
  • Food & Drink: Keep the diet focused on fat heavy meats and fish, green leafy vegetables, and small portions of fruit nuts/legumes are also acceptable as a snack. 100 oz/day of water not including what I drink at the gym will be consumed. There really is no excuse for not getting this one complete.
  • Invest: I’ve been able to scrape together a few bucks, and looking to get an investment account going. It wont be much at first but everything great has to start small. 

I’ll be keeping this post updated throughout the week.


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