No more alcohol

ImageAh that sweet delicious temptress has been such a burden to me. Though not directly responsible for my financial/emotional upheaval over the last 3 years drinking was definitely the catalyst. From drinking myself out of a 5 year relationship to getting fired at my cushy well paying job and finally scraping the bottom of a jail cell for deciding to drive ‘buzzed’ its been one hell of a ride.

Not only is it expensive, but it absolutely destroys my workouts and/or my diet the next day. The knowledge that my speediest gains at the gym occurred in the 3 or 4 weeks back in November when I cut back my drinking.

So yesterday was February 8; Day 0. I will update this post in 3 days, and then on March 1.

The real tests of this personal challenge will be my days off. I tend to get bored and drink, so I HAVE to fill that time with productive goals and attempt to discover whatever in my environment that sets off the triggers to start drinking. It wont be easy, but then again nothing ever is.

Update Feb 18, 2014: Had some wine with the girlfriend on valentines day…I’m such a romantic heh.
Update May 4, 2014: Yeah….this one was alot harder than I thought it was going to be.


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