Customize your Diet.

I was reading and he said fat, sugar, and salt are unhealthy. Now the idea of fat making people fat never really made sense to me (Sugar I 100% agree with….salt not so much heh.) I can remember in my youth seeing pictures of my father in his bodybuilding glory days eating tons of steaks, eggs, and fish there was very little fat on him; in fact, he had a defined 6 pack until death.

When I tell friends my diet they balk with necks crooked and eyes bulging. “You eat what?” This my friends is what I eat daily: Image

A bed of organic spinach topped with 5 eggs fried in butter with chile colorado (beef + spicy red sauce) and some string cheese. My god it was good. Do I know what the calorie count is? Hell no. Do I even know the exact macro nutrient count? Fuck no. I do not micromanage. What I do know: Vegetables: check. Protein: check. Fat: CHECK. Make a plate eat until satisfied put the rest (if any) in fridge. Always keeping it simple is how I plan my fat loss journey.

Yes, eating a low fat diet will force your body to burn the excess fat, but it’s misguided to label an entire macro-nutrient class as unhealthy. If you do not enjoy eating a low fat diet (I personally would prefer repeatedly stabbing myself in the taint with a rusty tuna can lid than eat low fat) there are other options available.

Always remember that your goals should determine the diet. There is no magic diet that is universally ‘healthy.’ The human body is incredibly adaptable and will yield to whatever demands you put on it….or die, and life has a funny way of trying not to die.

Decide on what your goal is: fat loss, muscle gain, running a marathon….etc and tailor the diet to your needs. I want lots of big shiny muscles that make ladies’ knees quake so I need LOTS of fats and proteins, so that is what I eat.

So, what is your goal?


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