Moving forward looking back


Crazy to think back how far I have come since this picture was taken last yearstanding under the Downtown Las Vegas canopy, but not just physically, mentally and emotionally as well. Trust me when I say that one year ago I was like most people I did not have the desire or motivation to push myself to the physical and mental limits I am now striving for….living for.

With no vision and no goal I was mindlessly wandering instead of taking life by the throat and riding that bitch til the end of time, and the worst part about that mindset is i was HAPPY to do so the thought now sickens me. Self improvement was thrust upon me; attempting to run from the mantle of responsibility like a child only increased the suffering. Growth, my friend, is incredibly hard and stupidly painful, but it only came when I allowed myself to be consumed by its towering flame

The person above anymore he never saw the tortuous events barreling down that turned his shit out like a freight train slamming into a kitten at full speed, but if you ask me that train is a savior. My savior.

BTW this is me as of early December Ive still got some ways to go but you get the idea. -100 lbs! 6 months. woot. woot. Image


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