January closed

Well hello everyone. January has come and gone and I have been busier then a rabbit in spring. Got myself a second job working night shift security at a hotel typing this up on their free wifi actually. Working two jobs is slightly depressing since I NEED the money more then sleeping or seeing the girlfriend. Gotta make that money though bills and all that adult shit.

The second job has hit my gym time as well. While ive still gained muscle and lost fat my gains are lower and it is harder for me to establish a routine when management cant seem to figure out how to write a damn schedule.

Health goal: Be the spartan on the right!Image

Eating healthy was successful only a few meals where I loaded up on carbs/sugar. (When my girlfriend surprises me with a cheesecake 2 weeks after I tell her how much I love them Im not turning it down).

I dont have my workout book on me at the moment but a rough estimate of my gym numbers are:

Weight ~235. Squat: 255. Bench: 245. Pull Up: 3.  Im 6’3″ btw.


Wealth Goal: Been working extra hours at both jobs this month so the bank account is larger then it has been in months. Have to decide how to invest the profits. My writing has been sporadic due to this but I was able to get a few fiverr gigs in so wasn’t a total loss. My prosper account is doing well as none of the loans are late/unpaid as of the moment. Earning 11% on my money in this low interest rate environment is pretty damn sexy.

So, February goal for wealth is to re-invest the prosper loan profits, and continue paying off my debts I have 2 more months minimum before I can finally be debt free. I’ll know the exact amount I owe next week on the 8th.

Gotta get back on the e-book and poker train as well. Seriously.



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