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Daily Prompt With or Without you. -Line in the Sand-

With or without you

It is July 2010. I was still a loss prevention agent, or ‘LP’ at a large big box retail chain store. I spent the majority of my day walking around the sales floor looking to catch shoplifters stealing. LP was a sweet job if you have a touch of sadism as violence was always a possibility. This is one of the mild ones:

I received a frantic call from the front end supervisor begging for LP to the front registers to protect them from an increasingly irate customer. One of the few job duties I took very seriously was protecting my coworkers. The situation was escalating quickly in the 30 seconds it took me to arrive on the scene he had been joined by two of his buddies. All 3 men were over 6′ tall easily over 200 lb. I’m behind the men to the right watching from a few feet away watching the scene unfold. Tension is building in my stomach. I already know what I’m going to do I just have to wait for the moment.

My mind is racing with possible scenarios: Who do I confront first; what needs to be said; how ‘strong’ do I need to present myself; and physical position to ensure a successful single punch knock out is inputted into my brain like data bits from a computer. I can feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins; my mind is racing, and my heart is fluttering with hyper focused attention on my target.

Quickly the leader charges at the terrified manager. I have my moment. Running up to the leader before he can assault my coworker I shove him back into his friends and in a thunderous voice proclaim to the group:

“You are done, you are not going further”

“But she…”

I cut him off mid sentence in the same voice, “I don’t care; you are done, get out of my store. Now.”

His friends, previously stunned at the 6’3″ 280 lb man getting in their face begin to advance on me. I am facing a 3 on 1 situation with no back up, but I didn’t care. Nano-seconds feel like eternity when analyzing the situation 3 moves ahead: Step forward knock out leader in one punch. A kick to the shin, and punch to the temple should take care of the second guy. Hopefully I can do that before the third guy has time to react….

I can feel the crowd of customers watching the situation unfold waiting silently in anticipation. Before I put action to my plan the leader backs his group down, and gets ‘taken care of’ by an assistant manager. But my job was done.

That was the first situation of many where I was called to protect my coworkers, and wouldn’t be the last. The store employees looked at me differently from that day forward as word spread of the incident. They knew they were safe. Its a peaceful feeling.


Weekly Challenge

I have several goals for the week of February 16-22 below

  • Gym: 5x/Week. 45-60 min of multi joint movement (squat, bench, overhead press, and pull ups). Last week I did not go to the gym at all so I am really going to push hard this week.
  • Write 3 blog posts: This will be post #2 this week! The next post will most likely be about poker, finance, or a short story
  • Read: I am reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’, and  ‘On Writing’ as well to improve my mindset and skill respectively. The main thing about reading though is ALSO taking the time to write down any thoughts/summarize the material into your own words in your journal. 
  • Food & Drink: Keep the diet focused on fat heavy meats and fish, green leafy vegetables, and small portions of fruit nuts/legumes are also acceptable as a snack. 100 oz/day of water not including what I drink at the gym will be consumed. There really is no excuse for not getting this one complete.
  • Invest: I’ve been able to scrape together a few bucks, and looking to get an investment account going. It wont be much at first but everything great has to start small. 

I’ll be keeping this post updated throughout the week.

Money for Nothing


I love to write; putting words to paper awakens a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. Every new word sizzles with primal anticipation demanding release. I try and resist, but what was once benign warmth is now raging inferno. I reach down deep inside myself feel the white hot pulsating flame in my fingers. I hold it there…savoring its presence sensing the anticipation rise higher and higher until it is almost too much to bear, and at the very height of excitement; of wonder, an explosion of thought pulsates throughout my body from top of my brain to the tips of my toes. Finally, as the sea of released tension washes over me I put my pen down, take a deep breath, and step away from my paper. Sweet serenity.

Wrote that after reading this daily prompt money for nothing. a few days ago

No more alcohol

ImageAh that sweet delicious temptress has been such a burden to me. Though not directly responsible for my financial/emotional upheaval over the last 3 years drinking was definitely the catalyst. From drinking myself out of a 5 year relationship to getting fired at my cushy well paying job and finally scraping the bottom of a jail cell for deciding to drive ‘buzzed’ its been one hell of a ride.

Not only is it expensive, but it absolutely destroys my workouts and/or my diet the next day. The knowledge that my speediest gains at the gym occurred in the 3 or 4 weeks back in November when I cut back my drinking.

So yesterday was February 8; Day 0. I will update this post in 3 days, and then on March 1.

The real tests of this personal challenge will be my days off. I tend to get bored and drink, so I HAVE to fill that time with productive goals and attempt to discover whatever in my environment that sets off the triggers to start drinking. It wont be easy, but then again nothing ever is.

Update Feb 18, 2014: Had some wine with the girlfriend on valentines day…I’m such a romantic heh.
Update May 4, 2014: Yeah….this one was alot harder than I thought it was going to be.

Customize your Diet.

I was reading and he said fat, sugar, and salt are unhealthy. Now the idea of fat making people fat never really made sense to me (Sugar I 100% agree with….salt not so much heh.) I can remember in my youth seeing pictures of my father in his bodybuilding glory days eating tons of steaks, eggs, and fish there was very little fat on him; in fact, he had a defined 6 pack until death.

When I tell friends my diet they balk with necks crooked and eyes bulging. “You eat what?” This my friends is what I eat daily: Image

A bed of organic spinach topped with 5 eggs fried in butter with chile colorado (beef + spicy red sauce) and some string cheese. My god it was good. Do I know what the calorie count is? Hell no. Do I even know the exact macro nutrient count? Fuck no. I do not micromanage. What I do know: Vegetables: check. Protein: check. Fat: CHECK. Make a plate eat until satisfied put the rest (if any) in fridge. Always keeping it simple is how I plan my fat loss journey.

Yes, eating a low fat diet will force your body to burn the excess fat, but it’s misguided to label an entire macro-nutrient class as unhealthy. If you do not enjoy eating a low fat diet (I personally would prefer repeatedly stabbing myself in the taint with a rusty tuna can lid than eat low fat) there are other options available.

Always remember that your goals should determine the diet. There is no magic diet that is universally ‘healthy.’ The human body is incredibly adaptable and will yield to whatever demands you put on it….or die, and life has a funny way of trying not to die.

Decide on what your goal is: fat loss, muscle gain, running a marathon….etc and tailor the diet to your needs. I want lots of big shiny muscles that make ladies’ knees quake so I need LOTS of fats and proteins, so that is what I eat.

So, what is your goal?

Moving forward looking back


Crazy to think back how far I have come since this picture was taken last yearstanding under the Downtown Las Vegas canopy, but not just physically, mentally and emotionally as well. Trust me when I say that one year ago I was like most people I did not have the desire or motivation to push myself to the physical and mental limits I am now striving for….living for.

With no vision and no goal I was mindlessly wandering instead of taking life by the throat and riding that bitch til the end of time, and the worst part about that mindset is i was HAPPY to do so the thought now sickens me. Self improvement was thrust upon me; attempting to run from the mantle of responsibility like a child only increased the suffering. Growth, my friend, is incredibly hard and stupidly painful, but it only came when I allowed myself to be consumed by its towering flame

The person above anymore he never saw the tortuous events barreling down that turned his shit out like a freight train slamming into a kitten at full speed, but if you ask me that train is a savior. My savior.

BTW this is me as of early December Ive still got some ways to go but you get the idea. -100 lbs! 6 months. woot. woot. Image



I work two jobs. When you have two jobs and another part time job (your gym workouts) you need to have your diet down. You just will not have the time to prepare a good filling meal when you are working 16+ hour days. Enter these bad boys up there. Sardines are great small compact and LOADED with vitamins and healthy fats…..learn to love them, and when people bitch and moan about them being stinky just remember they are usually the same people that look like a tub of lard driving around Disneyland in the electric scooters. Eat your sardines.