You get what you deserve

Like I said in a previous post people are starting to ask me how you have lost so much weight….

Learn to intermittent fast from the master himself.

I don’t bother wasting my breath telling most people how I am doing it though. I can see in their eyes that it will be a waste of both our times. The allure of the doughnut, cookie, hamburger, and the relative blandness of vegetables drives most to gluttony after 2 weeks of ‘diet’. What I didn’t expect (even though I probably should have) was people telling me “Oh you are too skinny”, “how much weight have you lost? You should stop.” Then talk about how they were skinny once decades ago. I understand their motive fear or shame drives them to say those things. It reminds them of their failure forces them to ‘look at themselves in the mirror’ and it terrifies them.

They don’t have the strength to follow through; I created a mission for myself and will follow through.

Its chest day…..can’t wait!


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