Brain Dump

Its finally 2014. Seems like 2013 just flew by. Yesterday I spent yet another day thinking on how I can make a living not working if that even makes sense. Been spending a lot of time on self improvement blogs after the disaster that was 2013. This blog is basically going to be a brain dump where I put everything down. I’ve sworn myself to missions that have no end these are lifetime commitments that will make me a better man with lots of money and ladies obviously.

Read on the excellent blog that we should be aligning our self improvement goals on several overarching categories: Health, Wealth, Sex, Focus, and Purpose in that order. With that in mind I’ve come up with two missions that I have been focusing on.

  1. Health: Intermittent fasting is basically a shit kick in the face to any fat on my body and people are starting to ask how I lost so much weight so quickly so that habit is going to continue. Sleep and eat my eggs, vegetables, and fish, and vitamins.
  2. Wealth: My job is about as precarious as it has ever been. Making money online is my second priority. If I have to write short stories about overgrown monkeys having their way with middle aged white women…well who am I to judge.

I know I will succeed at this only if it becomes a habit. Writing before/during work; gym after work.




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